Oldcastle Ward

Abi Hicks

smallabbeyI came to live in Bridgend in 1979 when I was 14 and went to   Bryntirion   Comprehensive School. When I graduated from the Technical  College I went into my chosen career of social care.

I have a daughter aged 14 who attended to  school at Oldcastle from nursery onwards.  She is now at Brynteg Comp working towards her GCSE’s.

I was a member of the PTA for Oldcastle and an Associate member of    Bryntirion Community Association.  I have no political ambition other than to serve the residents of Oldcastle which I will do with energy and enthusiasm.





Tom Green


I am semi-retired, and have run an  IT company in  Bridgend for 30 years. I am married with two sons and two granddaughters.

I have been living in Bridgend for 35 years and have been a community councillor for 13 years.

I have always enjoyed working in the community, helping set up a boys club and then running a junior football team in the Bridgend League for many years. As a former referee I enjoy exercise and would pledge to deliver regular  newsletters, keeping you informed if elected.

We are no fuss, no nonsense people that regard  outcomes as more important than process,  and that “walking the walk” is better than “talking the talk.”


Contact me on 01656 768916

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